New Hampshire-based.  World Class Quality.

Strategies change.
Accuracy doesn't.

While strategies may change, the need for timely, accurate unassailable information does not.  Stark Research Analytics provides clients with complete and objective analyses necessary to make their next moves with clarity and confidence.


Timely.  Accurate.

Stark Research Analytics
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Concord, NH 03302
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Stark Research Analytics
(SRA) is anchored upon the timely, accurate and unassailable analyses of facts - political, economic or historic - and applying the findings to real world questions.

threats and opportunitiesIts data acquisition tools are state-of-the-art and lend themselves as equally to surveys and polling as they do to competitive intelligence,
research and marketing.

Combined with old-school human intellect values, SRA provides clients with in-depth and objective information and analysis.

New school tech.
Old school intellect.

researchConnected to the world through its in-house secure servers, SRA is staffed with old school mathematics, statistics, engineering, business and political experts whose street and academic credentials rival
any of its competitors.

Time is money.

SRA understands its clients’ needs for rock-solid information and works with them to initiate and implement projects quickly and confidentially.

Whether the project is surveyinghow things work or polling, subject matter research and analyses or competitive intelligence, SRA is committed to producing world-class information analytics that stand up to public or private scrutiny.